Top 6 Best Christmas 2018 Drones

best christmas drones beginner drone pilot

The holidays are quickly approaching, almost at the speed of light this year, have you picked the perfect present yet? Gifting someone a drone is probably the best way to be the coolest gift-giver of the season.

Even though gifting a drone may have you under the impression that the big bucks have to be spent, this isn’t true. There are a ton of awesome drones out there that are well within any budget you can imagine – some of which have been released just before the season is about to start.

I’ve taken a look to find some of the best Christmas 2018 drones that would make an awesome gift for anyone in your life.

The Outlaw

The Outlaw by Altair Aerial is the newest drone that we’ve seen from this up and coming high-quality manufacturer. I am incredibly impressed by the Outlaw, especially because, if you take a look at the AA108, their first drone, and then the Outlaw – you will see just how much Altair Aerial has learned and grown. It’s priced around $280, which is more than reasonably priced.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Uses a camera that takes sharp, 1080p HD videos and photos
  2. Features 3 versions of the classic Return to Home, Barometer Altitude Hold and Intelligent Orientation Control
  3. Has a total flight time of up to 20 minutes
  4. Uses WiFi to fly up to 500 meters away as well as GPS navigation to fly up to 1500 meters away

The biggest pro that the Outlaw by Altair Aerial is no doubt the fact that it can fly incredibly far away and that it can fly for up to 20 minutes, both of which blow all other Altair drones out of the water when you compare these 2 specs alone.

The biggest con, however, is yet to be seen. I can’t find anything wrong with this one yet!

best christmas drones altair outlaw

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Tomahawk Drone

The Tomahawk, also a newly released drone by Altair Aerial, is currently priced right now at around $200. It’s one of the best drones from the Altair line where high-quality construction is concerned. You certainly don’t have to worry about crash landings with this one, that’s for sure.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization system to keep your flights as smooth as possible
  2. Has a maximum flight time of up to 17 minutes when flying on Medium Throttle
  3. Uses a 720p HD WiFi camera
  4. Features Altitude Hold
  5. Uses Independent ESCs as well as built-in Automatic Lock Protection for protection against burning out due to Dead Lock
  6. Has a maximum transmission range of between 300 to 500 meters
  7. Comes with the action camera mount that’s compatible with numerous action cameras, including GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 6

The biggest pro that the Tomahawk by Altair Aerial has to offer is the fact that it can accommodate a wide variety of action cameras. This is especially beneficial to those who have a Hero 5 or a Hero 6, which helps to improve your footage.

The biggest con, however, is yet to be found. Like the Outlaw, I genuinely can’t see or find anything wrong with this one. It flies like a dream.

best christmas drones altair tomahawk

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Altair Aerial AA108

If you’re looking for a drone to give to the kid in your life, the AA108 by Altair Aerial is a perfect choice. It has the current price of only $130, which is more than reasonable considering how simple yet fun this drone really is.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Features Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Button Takeoff, One Button Landing, Out of Range Alarm, Custom Route Modes, Emergency Landing, 3 Flight Skill Levels and Low Battery Alarm
  2. Has a total flight time of up to 10 minutes, doubled by the second included LiPo battery for free
  3. Uses the premium 720p HD camera with real-time FPV video and a wide-angle lens
  4. Has a maximum flight range of up to 300 feet or 100 meters
  5. Uses bright LED lights on the bottom of the drone to aid in flight direction and general navigation
  6. Able to be safely flown both indoors and outside due to the build being able to withstand crashes

The biggest pro that the AA108 by Altair Aerial is the fact that it’s one of the cheapest VR-compatible drones that boasts an exceptional amount of quality on the market right now. If you’ve been itching to pick up a drone that’s compatible with your VR headset, or are looking for an excuse to buy one, now is the time.

The biggest con, however, is the fact that it does not come with a memory card. In order to save videos, you will need to have a 4 GB MicroSD memory card, which are cheap and easy to find, so it’s not that big of a deal.

best christmas drones altair aerial aa108

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818 Hornet

Altair Aerial’s 818 Hornet is a drone that flies well, has a great look, and is only priced at approximately $170, at this time of writing.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Features Multiple Skill Settings, Headless Mode, One Button Takeoff, One Button Landing, Virtual Reality Mode, Custom Flight Routes, Out of Range Alarm, Altitude Hold, and Low Battery Alarm
  2. Has a maximum flight time of up to 15 minutes, which is doubled by the second battery that is included for free
  3. Uses the 720p HD camera with real-time FPV video as well as 2 MP still photographs
  4. Can be used with the FlyingSee application for Android and iOS devices
  5. Has maximum transmission range of 60 meters for FPV video and up to 150 meters for general flight

The biggest pro that the 818 Hornet by Altair Aerial has to offer is the fact that, like other Altair drones, it boasts VR compatibility.

The biggest con, however, is that it doesn’t use any Return to Home-type features because no GPS navigation systems are used.

best christmas drones altair hornet 818

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Holy Stone HS700

The HS700 by Holy Stone is quite an impressive drone that won’t let you down. It’s currently priced at $330, which may be too much for some, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Uses the 5G 1080p FHD camera with a 110-degree FOV lens for high-quality photos and videos with panoramic view
  2. Also compatible with GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 and Hero 4
  3. Features GPS Assisted Flight, Quick Launch, Quick-Release Propellers, Custom Flight Path, Point of Interest, Altitude Lock, Headless Mode and Follow Me Mode
  4. Takes a high-capacity 2800mAh LiPo battery
  5. Has a maximum control range of up to 3280 feet away
  6. Uses the long lasting 2204 1500KV brushless motor
  7. Has a total flight time of up to 20 minutes

The biggest pro that the HS700 by Holy Stone has to offer is no doubt the amount of range it has. It has a live video transmission range of up to 1300 feet as well as a general control range of up to 3280 feet away.

The biggest con, however, tends to be the price for most people. Although, investing in a high-quality drone is sometimes necessary to get everything you’re looking for in a single product.

best christmas drones holy stone hs700

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ScharkSpark FQ36

The FQ36 by ScharkSpark is currently priced at only $55 and has surprised the heck out of me. Based on the price alone, you may be swayed to check out something else, but don’t let that be your deciding factor.

Here are the features and the specs:

  1. Has a total flight time of between 10 to 12 minutes, doubled by the second battery that’s included for free
  2. Uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization system
  3. Features 360-Degree Flips, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3 Speed Modes, One Key Takeoff, One Key Landing and One Key Return to Home
  4. Able to use the FPV camera with WiFi
  5. Has a foldable design
  6. Takes a 3.7V 1000mAh LiPo battery
  7. Has a maximum transmission range of up to 328 feet, or 80 meters, and a video transmission range of 95 feet, or 30 meters

The biggest pro that the FQ36 by ScharkSpark has to offer is definitely the foldable design. It makes it easy to carry this drone around with you wherever you go.

The biggest con, however, is the quick start guide can be a little confusing. To avoid setting up the drone the wrong way, you must make sure that you go through the guide thoroughly and double check everything before you make a judgment – give it a chance!

best christmas drones scharkspark drone

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Altair Tomahawk Review

aa tomahawk drone

The Tomahawk is the latest addition to Altair Aerial’s high-quality fleet of drones, which has stayed true to the fact that they’re a company who makes their drones easy to use to ensure that anyone can get the hang of flying them. The Tomahawk is definitely no exception here – it’s flashy yet simple to understand.

Altair aerial logo

The Tomahawk doesn’t come with an extensive amount of features that complicates things. It features Altitude Hold Mode, a classic feature that helps beginner drone users better understand how to fly it and get used to the controls.

In fact, Altitude Hold Mode is the default flight mode of the Tomahawk, which makes it even more easier for beginners to figure it out.

Professional Mode may seem intimidating to beginner drone users, but it’s actually very easy to figure out, as well. Before you know it, you’ll be able to perform fun stunts and tricks like a pro! The 3D flips and rolls button also helps with being able to do tricks easily, as well.

It has an average flight time of 17 minutes, a maximum flight range of up to 300 meters, and the C5000 camera with 720p HD photos and videos. You can even swap out the C5000 Aerial Sport Camera for GoPro, specifically one from the Hero line.

altair aerial tomahawk

One of the best aspects that make the Tomahawk an exceptional beginner drone, is that you don’t have to provide your own TF flash card. Some of what makes drones work can be confusing for beginners, so the fact that a flash card isn’t automatically needed can help take some of the confusion away. You only really need one if you want additional storage, but it already comes with 8 GB of onboard storage.

You’ll need to use the Bugs GO app for the C5000 camera on a smartphone, but that simplifies how the drone works in a simpler way even more.

The durability of the Tomahawk is exceptional, mostly because it uses brushless motors and a metal body that’s able to handle the wind a lot better than their other drones. One user was able to get it going pretty well in winds of 12 miles per hour.

aa tomahawk quadcopter

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AA Blackhawk Review

Altair aerial logo

Altair Aerial is a company that made a name for itself selling beginner drones, but now it wants to take its first step towards the big leagues with the Blackhawk, a heavy metal quadcopter built for distance and speed. After buying one for myself and trying it out, I’m happy to say that it maintains the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the company and has a number of impressive features – all for under 130 dollars!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Blackhawk so good:

FAQ About The Altair Aerial Blackhawk

If you don’t see your question listed below in my FAQ section, or have an additional question after going through it, let me know!

Does the Altair Blackhawk have a built-in camera?

No. It does, however, have a mount that you can use to attach a separate action camera – Altair recommends the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 on their Amazon page. The Hero 3 can be found for about $70, the Hero 4 can be found for about $160 – but if you’re looking for an Altair drone that already has a camera, you might look at their AA108.

What are the main features of the Altair Blackhawk?

The two most impressive features – and the ones Altair are selling the drone on – are its 15-minute battery life and its 300 meter flight range, both of which are quite a bit larger than you’d expect from this price range.

Why should I buy a long-range drone like the Blackhawk?

Long-range drones are good for recreational use because the drone won’t fly out of your control range as easily – you won’t have to run after the aircraft while you’re flying it. They’re also good for photography and videography because they let you get hard-to-reach shots and very high bird’s-eye-view aerial shots. All in all, a longer flight range is just a good feature to have!

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk Review

altair aerial blackhawk photo

The Blackhawk doesn’t have a lot of fancy features like its two brothers in the Altair line – there’s no Altitude Hold, no Headless Mode. Instead, the focus is on providing the user with total control. The drone has a 6-axis gyro for stability and it’s very easy to adjust the trim of the drone using the remote, so once you get the hang of the controls the Blackhawk handles extremely well.

It’s also surprisingly fast for such a heavy drone, especially when taking off and landing. It really gives you that “racing feel”, and since the drone has a 300 meter flight range you don’t have to worry about it going out of bounds. I had a lot of fun seeing how fast and high I could go, and that’s really important when you’re dealing with a drone that’s mostly for recreational use.

It’s not a perfect drone. It takes awhile to assemble (about 20 minutes in my experience) and it’s not as durable as it could be, though Altair has anticipated this and included plenty of extra parts in case something breaks. The body itself is pretty heavy and made of metal, so no worries about that being broken or scratched, but I did have to replace the propellers a couple times.

But it does improve on one major issue with the other Altair offerings: it handles extremely well in wind. The powerful brushless motors and heavy frame cut right through winds as high as 13 miles per hour (in my experience – I didn’t try it in anything higher.) This really is a much more advanced drone and it shows.

Another nice feature is the 15-minute flight time. This is a lot longer than other drones in its price range and lets you have more fun with the drone for longer. It could also be good for photography because it gives you time to line up the perfect shot!

altair aerial blackhawk review

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The Altair Aerial Blackhawk

Altair is one of the best companies out there for budget drones and the Blackhawk is no exception. This is a great long-range drone that fast and fun to fly, and I’d recommend it for anyone who’s interested in getting into this great hobby for cheap!

Altair Aerial AA108 Review


Folks, today I want to review the drone that got me into quadcopters. This was my first aircraft and still remains one of my favorites – it’s one I often recommend to anyone who wants to get into the hobby. It’s the AA108, the first drone by relative industry newcomer Altair Aerial.

What makes the AA108 so great? A lot of little things. It’s tough, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. It’s a drone that’s built to grow with you as you get better at flying. And I’m excited to tell you all about it!

FAQ About The Altair Aerial AA108

If you don’t see your question listed below in my FAQ section, or have an additional question after going through it, let me know!

1.Is the AA108 a camera drone?

The AA108 comes with a built-in 720p high definition camera. It can be controlled with a smartphone or mobile device through the free FlyingSee app. If you want to take video you’ll have to buy a TF memory card separately, but everything you need for pictures is available right out of the box.

2.Does the AA108 have different flight modes?

Yep! The AA108 has three different flight modes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drone pilots. This makes it ideal for beginner drone pilots who want to improve their skills.

3.How long does the AA108 fly for?

Approximately 8-10 minutes per battery, with two batteries included in the box and more available from Altair’s website. So if you charge both you can expect about 20 minutes of flight time.

The Altair Aerial AA108 Review

The AA108 requires no assembly – once the battery’s charged, you’re good to go. If you’re interested in taking pictures or video you’ll need to connect your phone to the UDI RC FlyingSee app – the instructions are contained with the drone and they’re very easy to follow.

The AA108 has a lot of useful features that make it much easier for beginners to fly. 1-touch take-off and landing means you only have to worry about manually controlling the drone once it’s in the air, and Altitude Hold Mode means that the drone will maintain its height so that you only have to worry about four directions once it’s in motion. There’s also a Heading Hold mode that makes it so that the side of the drone that’s facing away from you is always the “front” as far as the controller is concerned, so that you don’t have to worry about the orientation of the vehicle.

These features can be turned on and off, and the AA108 also has three speed settings that get pretty fast, so as you get better at flying the drone you can start taking off the training wheels. And even without those features the drone’s still very fun to fly. It’s durable (I’ve crashed mine multiple times without so much as a scratch) and quite fast considering how small the motors are. The high definition camera also takes very good video, as you can see here:

It’s not a perfect drone. As durable as the body is, some reviewers have complained about issues with the rubber feet coming off if you land it too hard (though if you stick to the one-touch takeoff and landing that hopefully won’t be an issue.) Because of its size it also doesn’t perform well in wind, which depending on your geological region might not make it the right choice for you. And some people don’t like the 8-10 minute flight time per battery, although that’s well in line with a beginner drone of this price so it truly doesn’t bother me that much.

In all other respects, though, this is still one of the best starter drones available today!

drone altair aerial aa108

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The Altair Aerial AA108

Like I said up top this is one of my favorite beginner pilot drones and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s just getting started. What’s great about it is the way that it grows with you thanks to its multiple flight modes – the better you get at flying the more advanced a drone this can be. Plus it’s durable, cheap, and backed by Altair’s strong reputation for customer service.

Take a look at this great article written on about kids drones and why the AA108 is a good drone for beginners.

At time of writing you can buy the AA108 from Amazon here for only $110 USD.

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drone toys
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drone without camera
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